About Us

At TransSOCIAL, we’ve assembled a small yet dedicated team to carry out our mission. Our organization’s mission centers on advocating for the transgender community while simultaneously serving the broader TLGBQ+ spectrum. This organization, founded in 2016 by our co-founders, Morgan and Ashley, is the realization of a dream. The inception of TransSOCIAL came from Morgan’s firsthand experience with the challenges that TGI Floridians encounter during their gender transitions, notably his own journey transitioning to male. Morgan and Ashley joined forces to establish TransSOCIAL with a clear vision: to create a network of resources and support for the Trans community and beyond.

We’ve tirelessly worked to offer a diverse array of services, spanning legal resources, medical referrals, food drives, and community groups. Regardless of what the future holds, we are committed to the rights and well-being of our fellow Trans and GNC family. Our passion knows no bounds, and we are resolute in our mission to serve and support those who seek an authentic life free from discrimination.

TransSOCIAL is dedicated to prioritizing the “T” in TLGBQ+ because we acknowledge the disproportionate challenges and discrimination faced by transgender individuals within our community. Our commitment to inclusivity reflects our belief in equality and the principles of justice. By placing emphasis on the “T,” we aim to shed light on the distinct experiences, obstacles, and achievements of transgender individuals. This approach allows us to promote unity, understanding, and support across all gender identities and orientations.

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